Born again teen act american spanking-Hey Christian Parents, Spanking Kids Is Sex Abuse | HuffPost

A pro football player uses a switch on his child, and an American cultural divide between races, regions, and religions is exposed. October 19, Growing up in Orange County, in California, in the s, Ms. Haase knew what would happen if her father got angry. One instance left her in need of bandages.

Born again teen act american spanking

Born again teen act american spanking

Born again teen act american spanking

Some of the spankinng corporal punishment numbers come from a Harris poll that found that 67 percent of parents had spanked their children, compared with 80 percent in Infants should never be spanked, he says. But much of that drop can be explained by a decrease in the number of adolescents being hit, Professor Straus explains. It should be that the child would never want another spanking. Cancel anytime.

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Since both samples were from low-income parents, any differences were likely not due to variations in socioeconomic status. L My name is Britney and I am 26 years old. Platinum Porn I never really had parents who cared about where i was or what i was doing until my freshman year of high school. Teen Sex Shop Pervert! I was like, "Wow, those 3 paddles looked earie and scary to me. Something went wrong. Being spanked has Born again teen act american spanking my passion. Brazzers milf. To confirm this, Carlo and colleagues looked at data from white Born again teen act american spanking black mother-child cohorts. Perverted Point Of View. True Stories from our Members Have a story of spanking needs to tell? Their Brains Are at Risk Too. BD While I don't share the same need, I understand and stand with you. We asked Dr Janelle Jerkovitz what is driving these sick women to subject themselves to such appalling abuse.

Spanking your kids is a bad idea.

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Spanking your kids is a bad idea. In that analysis, researchers found that kids who were spanked displayed a host of detrimental behaviors, including cognitive difficulties, aggression, and antisocial tendencies. Carlo and his colleagues were acutely aware prior work, and the fact that low-income parents and racial minorities are quicker to spank. A mixture of social surveys and census data points to southerners, born-again Christians, and African Americans being least likely to spare the rod, and African Americans are disproportionately religious and southern.

Call it a corporal punishment double-whammy. Carlo suspected that black parents may invest in harsher disciplinary measures because of negative cultural experiences. To confirm this, Carlo and colleagues looked at data from white and black mother-child cohorts.

Since both samples were from low-income parents, any differences were likely not due to variations in socioeconomic status. Spanking at 15 months did not predict negative behaviors in white kids. Instead, the best predictor of delinquent behavior in this group was irritability during infancy. Meanwhile, both black and white kids were less likely to act-out if they learned effective coping mechanisms as infants. Please try again.

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Their Brains Are at Risk Too.

My wife of ten years was the first person to ever give me an over-the-knee, bare bottom spanking. Frere et soeur. Kinky Perverted Jizzfreak Makes Perverted Doctor paralyses Patients 1 13 min. RM - Psychology Teacher I've known many boys who, like you, use the word "need.

Born again teen act american spanking

Born again teen act american spanking. Contributors

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Have something to say? Advertising, Traffic Trades, Sponsors Webmasters click here. COM Copyright All rights reserved. Thanks for visiting our free sex site. Terms of service - Privacy policy - Content removal. Thus, what you describe is someone basically saying I have done things wrong whether omission. And therefore punishment seems appropriate. Oddly enough, it may also be mixed with a desire to control what was in childhood not controlled.

In fact, it may be that things in childhood were notably out of control and wild. Finally, for many kids and adults any attention is better than no attention, and so a life-long desire for attention may be focused on spanking, because nothing gets everyone's attention like someone being spanked.

One way to test this area would be to see how the desire is affected by imagining different audiences watching the spanking, or different people doing the spanking. RM - Psychology Teacher. I've known many boys who, like you, use the word "need. I hope you don't think you are that unusual. Since about 5th grade I knew that I was never going to get the fathering from my bio.

He whipped me very frequently with his belt, and too hard that I wore bruises to school often. What I needed, he didn't seem to be capable of giving me.

He was 37 when I was born. My father held many grudges towards his family and people in the community so he treated me in that respect, no differently than others. I'm a professional, Christian male and I had desired what I just described all of my life. He is now grown. The age of the dad doesn't matter as I have needed one as soon as a few hours after receiving one. I have a couple of 'dads' that I travel to, and spend long weekends and receive several scolding, spankings, hugs and the acceptance that I have sought for my whole life.

Once I am otk and into the spanking, I sometimes have thoughts like, "What in the world am I doing? While I don't share the same need, I understand and stand with you. I am both a therapeutic counselor psychology and a long time spanking top. I regularly discipline a number of "boys" and counsel males age 16 and upward. This apparent "need" is regularly verbalized to me.

I find it completely within the bounds of the masculine drive that is often dismissed in modern societal thinking, but which is very real and part of all males. I'm a nice, happy, productive member of society who has no guilt feelings that I'm aware of.

Yet I feel a powerful need to be spanked, even though spanking hurts and is unpleasant and depending on the scenario sometimes very scary. But then afterwards I feel blissful for about a week or two, before the need to be spanked again begins building.

I was not spanked much or abused as a child I assume the need to be spanked is just something that occurs naturally in some people, though I don't really know for sure. I, too, have felt the NEED for a spanking.

I do not seek cruelty, abuse, or mistreatment, but just an authentic discipline administered by a caring man to correct my behavior for things I have actually done. The man who spanks me is not my daddy or my master or any other incorrect term; he is simply a man who knows I deserve the spanking and has the strength to administer it.

For years my psyche 'ached' without able to achieve any relief. Spanking myself does not work. Other guys often ruined the experience for me by falling into their own erotic-sexual-role-play at some point during the spanking, or attempted to do something sexual. They feel I am being selfish wanting to do only my exact 'script' or 'scene' as they view it with their own needs unmet.

I have found that I have felt some measure of relief in-between getting spanked by self-imposing two things in my life; 1. I have kept my body shaved hairless and de-pubed for some years now.

I try not to masturbate at all, as befits a hairless 'boy' I am in my 50's body-wise but a 'boy' in my headspace. When I do masturbate it is after struggling not to, then I feel guilty, then I wish a man were around to spank me for doing it. I know that if lived with a man who would enforce chastity on me I would be happier. I think it is great and wonderful for these men to masturbate, but for me it is wrong since i do not have pubes.

We hate hate the physical pain when it is occurring, but psychologically before and after we feel therapeutically healed of some negativity. I guess the spanking does something to our brain the same way that electric-shock therapy does. I'm a couple of months shy of 54, and I still like to think of myself as the consummate naughty boy. I'm a classic spanking submissive through and through. Maybe my mother picked up on that when I was young, and even in those instances when she and I both knew I deserved to be put over her knee, she just couldn't bring herself to spank me.

Not even when I was 14, and she found a spanking paperback I'd forgotten in the bathroom. To my face, she asked me if I felt I'd "missed out by never getting a bare bottom spanking.

Bare hand on bare bum was useless. I wanted my bottom to suffer. I would sometimes get a clean washcloth out of the closet and bite down on it as I inflicted as much pain as possible on my buttocks and upper thighs. The sting had an amazing hold on me - like a narcotic. Of course, the icing on this very wicked cake of naughty self-indulgence was to use the same arrangement of mirrors to enhance my arousal, et cetera. My wife of ten years was the first person to ever give me an over-the-knee, bare bottom spanking.

I'm not counting my year-old classmate with whom I took turns one juvenile afternoon making traditional pants-down use of a ping-pong paddle in his basement. I had to wait until I was 30 before I finally found facedown accommodation across a womanly knee. We had a lot of fun with my bottom, but I ultimately found myself longing for harder paddlings than she was comfortable giving me. Even though nothing ever happened with another woman except for the time when I secretly bared my bum for a 'liberated' female friend of ours; she looked, but she wouldn't spank beyond an exchange of letters, it still spoke to what I saw as a limitation of my marriage.

After thirteen years together, my wife said goodbye. I would've preferred that we at least attempt to reconcile, but she simply wasn't interested. And so began my experiences with professional female dominants and the one time I was ever spanked by a man, I being desperate and he being cheap.

We even said we loved each other on the phone. But when the bank finally pulled the plug on my credit card and all the Monopoly money stopped pouring out of the ATM, the very special rapport between this Sharon Stone double and me no longer existed.

Everything's great when you can pay; otherwise, forget it. The past four or five years, I've been exclusively visiting a self-described 'maternal disciplinarian. All of those years of sort of ad-libbing my way through my lust for spanking, and at long last, I'd connected with the ideal partner for my celebration of naughtiness. Unfortunately, our domestic routines no longer mesh. I haven't been spanked since last December.

An old-fashioned, over-the-knee, bare bottom spanking introduces me to my truest sense of self. My spanking mother's lap is my place of worship. I can't help feeling chronically incomplete when I go this long without a bottom warming. Paddling myself gives me something of the physical experience, but that's all. And yes, I've got the Internet and different opportunities to write about spanking, but there's no substitute for the real thing.

There just isn't. Sincerely, Bruce. When I was a teen my parents had quit spanking me and I not on felt the need for a spanking but did not have the nerve to ask. Fortunately a female friend of mine was still spanked by her mother. Bonnie and I got in trouble together one evening and her mother was very upset.

I attempted to calm her down but to no avail. Bonnie's mother finally told me that if I was going to hang around their house that I would have to obey their rules or be disciplined the same way she disciplined her kids. I agreed to her rules and both Bonnie and I were spanked that day. After that date I received several spankings from her for misbehavior. She was a strict but loving adult that helped shape my life.

I am so glad I came across your web site. You have explained everything I have felt in my need to be spanked. From childhood to this day. The emotional need is so real Yes, do to embarrassment I never vocalized my spanking need to my parents. So my need never was filled. Now I am grown and married. I did share my spanking desire with him. Well as you said, the need for real therapy spanking are very few and far between. Also short lived, not given long enough, for the emotional release I so long for.

Spanking Babies Causes Behavioral Problems in Grade School | Fatherly

As many as 70 percent of parents agree that spanking is sometimes necessary , and prior to the mids, that figure was over 80 percent. If so, that would be tragic—because studies have shown that children who are spanked or hit for discipline are at a greater risk of becoming aggressive, violent adults.

Andrew: While what she says is true in that we ARE a divided country and one that cannot thrive the way we're going, her answer and political choice is not the answer.

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Born again teen act american spanking