Lawyer sues dry cleaners pants. Just when you thought this case couldn't get any stupider.

Administrative law judge Roy Pearson, left, is questioned by a member of the media as he leaves So exactly how much satisfaction is guaranteed when a sign says "Satisfaction Guaranteed"? That was the central question in Roy Pearson Jr. The Washington D. In response, Pearson filed suit in Superior Court alleging that he had not been compensated for the lost pants and that signs in the cleaners claiming "Same Day Service" and "Satisfaction Guaranteed" constituted false advertising.

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In women ages , does annual mammography improve breast cancer mortality compared to regular breast exams? Mammography had no mortality benefit compared to regular breast exams alone in women age over 25 year follow-up, with higher rates of overdiagnosis. Guidelines on the subject of mammogram screening have variable recommendations on the frequency of screening for different age groups. Though the meta-analyses driving the guidelines found positive signal for mortality benefit, two large, high quality randomized controlled trials are negative and provide cause for skepticism and practice variation. Diagnosis of cancers that would otherwise not lead to death exposes patients to late and immediate risks of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy which may negate the mortality benefit from early detection.

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Images of urinating young boys, what art historians call the putto or puer mingen, first appeared in the margins of illuminated manuscripts in the s. It was holy pee, you see. The putto were young angels, with wings, laurel wreaths, and streams of urine. In the first few centuries of European peeing art within Christian settings the putto appeared at parties and feasts. Life as an endless party, endlessly sprinkled by the cherubim.

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