#motivationmonday From Jordan 😊 Part of my New Years resolution this...

From Jordan 😊
Part of my New Years resolution this year was to say YES to more things. Especially things that challenged me, and forced me to step out of my comfort zone!
Over the weekend I participated in my first CrossFit competition , and boy was it a ride! It was a day filled with uncomfortable firsts, but I came out of the whole experience gaining so much! Testing yourself mentally, and physically, alongside others doing the same can be so rewarding! I would of never thought.
Here is my question to you all. What are you doing to challenge yourself? Are you finding yourself constantly in a state of comfort, or are you challenging your body and mind with exercises outside of the norm? Find ways this year to step outside your box.. I promise you it will do you more good then you can even predict!
Thankful I have the Fit Foods fueling my journey as well 💪🏼 Happy Monday!